Our Model

At Lawyers For Children, a lawyer and social worker, both with extensive experience and training, work together on every case. In addition, LFC is the only children’s law office in the country to employ two full-time Youth Advocates (young adults who have successfully aged out of foster care) to provide additional support for older clients. Each LFC team is thus comprised of individuals with expertise in both the law and the full range of existing services available to ensure a successful future for every one of our young clients.

Since 1984, we have represented almost 30,000 children in New York City court proceedings involving: voluntary foster care placement, abuse, neglect, termination of parental rights, adoption, guardianship, youth justice, paternity, custody and visitation.

We listen carefully to our clients, help them understand their options and vigorously protect their right to a safe, secure and supportive place to call home. For some clients, this means returning to live safely with their families. For others, it means speeding up the adoption process. For many of our clients who are over 18, the goal is to set out on their own with the knowledge and support necessary to establish stable housing, obtain jobs and embark on successful careers of their own.

In addition to our pioneering interdisciplinary approach to individual representation, LFC also works to achieve systemic change on behalf of all children in foster care.

LFC also offers specialized services for high-risk children in foster care. More information about our special projects can be found here:

Public Policy & Special Litigation


Aging Out

Sex Abuse & Trafficking


Domestic Violence

Mental Health & Developmental Disability


Youth Justice