Find Your Lawyer and Social Worker

As a young person in foster care in New York, you have a lawyer who was assigned to protect your rights and advocate for your wishes. Your lawyer will probably work for Lawyers For Children or the Legal Aid Society. Both of these offices represent young people. The most important thing to know about your lawyer is that he or she works for YOU. Your lawyer's job is to represent you and to protect your legal rights. At Lawyers For Children, this means that your lawyer will find out what you want and try to make it happen.

If you are a client of Lawyers For Children, then you also have a social worker who works for you. You can contact your social worker at the number for Lawyers For Children listed below.

If you do not know how to get in touch with your lawyer, ask your caseworker for your attorney's name and phone number. If you want to find out on your own, you can call Lawyers For Children and Legal Aid directly:

Lawyers For Children
1-800-244-2540 or 212-966-6420

Legal Aid