Know Your Rights

These videos produced by Lawyers For Children, with the participation of our Staff and our Youth Ambassadors, to provide you with some preliminary information on topics about which you may have questions. These videos do not constitute legal advice; if you are in need of legal assistance, please contact your LFC lawyer or social worker.

  • What If I Am Homeless?
  • How Do I Find My Lawyer? What If I Don't Have One?
  • What If I Don't Feel Safe In My Home Or Foster Home?
  • What If I Am Having Problems At School?
  • How Can The Foster Care System Help Me With College?
  • What If I Am LGBTQ?
  • What If I Need Help Finding Housing Before I Age Out?
  • What If I Feel Overwhelmed, Anxious, or Stressed?
  • What If I Am Using Drugs Or Alcohol?
  • What If I'm Forced To Medicate Or Be Hospitalized?
  • What If I Don't Know My Immigration Status?
  • What If I Am Arrested?
  • What If I Want To Leave Foster Care Before I'm 21?
  • What If I Want To Come Back Into Foster Care?
  • What If I Am Pregnant And In Foster Care?
  • What If I Am A Parent In Foster Care?