How You Get Into Foster Care

Your Rights in Foster Care
1. Introduction

How You Get Into Foster Care

It is not your fault that you are in foster care! Young people are in foster care because their parents can’t take care of them and give them a safe home. Some parents don’t have a place to live. Some parents get sick, some parents hurt their kids, and some leave their kids.When any of these things happen, children need to be protected. So a caseworker from ACS (the Administration for Children’s Services) will go to court to get kids placed in foster care. This is usually called an abuse or neglect case. Sometimes parents will fight having their children taken away from them, and sometimes they won’t. A judge decides where each child will live and for how long.

Some parents "sign their kids in" to foster care. This means that they agree with the caseworker that their child should go into foster care. This is usually called a voluntary placement. (It doesn’t mean that the child goes voluntarily! It means that the parent agreed to place the child, and there is no court case against the parent.)

Whichever way you came into the system, you have rights!

The person to help you protect your rights is your lawyer.