Where Can You Go To Report Abuse?

Sexual Abuse
2. Who to Tell About the Abuse

Where Can You Go To Report Abuse?

If you do not already know an adult who you feel comfortable telling about the abuse, look for a responsible adult in your school or community. You should know, however, that adults in certain jobs are mandated reporters. A mandated reporter is someone who is required by law to report the abuse to the Administration for Childrens Services (ACS). ACS is then supposed to investigate and provide help.

Your lawyer is not a mandated reporter, and he or she can help you understand exactly when an adult must report abuse.

 The following people are mandated reporters in New York State:

  • teachers
  • guidance counselors
  • social workers
  • therapists
  • drug and alcohol counselors
  • doctors
  • nurses
  • dentists
  • psychiatrists or psychologists
  • district attorneys
  • police officers