Pregnancy Services

Pregnant and Parenting Teens
5. Resources For Teen Mothers and Fathers

Pregnancy Services

Brooklyn Young Mothers' Collective provides young mothers with a comprehensive set of services focused on their educational attainment and social development to help them to become self- sufficient adults. (718) 596-7074

Growing Up Healthy Hotline, run by the New York State Department of Health, offers online and telephone support for a wide range of information about health care services and health insurance options (like Medicaid) in New York State. (800) 522-5006 (TTY access: (800) 655-1789) prenatal/guh.htm

La Leche League provides information, support and education to new mothers concerning all aspects of breastfeeding. The website offers resources and information, as well as links to local support groups. Find your local La Leche League support group(s) on their website:

Montefiore Hospital's REP (Risk Evaluation Program) is a clinical program that offers comprehensive medical and psychological care to HIV positive youth ages 13 through 24 (including pregnant and parenting youth). (718) 882-0232

Northern Manhattan Perinatal Partnership helps deliver comprehensive health and social services and support to women and their infants beginning in pregnancy and following the child through adolescence. (212) 665-2600

Planned Parenthood offers a wide array of information about sexual health for men and women.
(800) 230-7526

Planned Parenthood's website also has a special section for teenagers: index.asp