Child Care Options For Parents In Foster Care

Pregnant and Parenting Teens
4. Your Rights As A Parent In Foster Care

Child Care Options For Parents In Foster Care

As a teen parent in foster care, you are entitled to child care services to enable you to return to school and/or work.

Residential Child Care: If you are living in a Mother-Child residence, there is on-site child care you can use when you're in school, at work, or participating in other services, like parenting classes or therapy.

Subsidized Child Care: This is free or low-cost day care provided by ACS for eligible families in New York City. Child care is available for children six weeks old through twelve years old, and possibly longer for children with special needs. Eligibility depends on your income and why you need the child care. There are two types of programs covered by subsidized child care— ACS-run programs and private certified programs that require a voucher, which most people refer to as the "ACD voucher."

Call (888) 469-5999 for NYC Child Care Resources and referrals for ACS funded programs. You can also call 311 for further information on how to apply for the ACD voucher. Your agency should always be willing and able to help you with your child care needs. If you are having problems, call your lawyer.

LYFE: The Living for Young Families through Education program helps young parents stay in school by providing free on- site child care for the children of students at many New York City high schools and alternative schools. Child care is available for children ages two months to two years. To find a high school that participates in the program, call 311 or (917) 521-3639, or go to http://schools/ and type "District 79" in the search bar.