Responsibilities Of ACS And Your Foster Care Agency

Mental Health
6. Hospitals

Responsibilities Of ACS And Your Foster Care Agency

Within 24 hours of your admission to a hospital for psychiatric care, your agency must:

  • Notify ACS
  • Notify your outpatient treatment team
  • Contact the hospital staff and request information on how you are doing

On an ongoing basis, your agency must:

  • Maintain daily phone contact with your treatment team at the hospital for the first 3 days and then maintain at least weekly phone contact
  • Make weekly visits to the hospital
  • Participate in both ongoing and discharge planning
  • Keep in contact with you and your family and make arrangements for family visits
  • Provide clothing, shoes, glasses, and other necessities
  • Make sure your educational needs are met throughout your hospital stay• Get information requested by the hospital
  • Go with you if you are moved to a state psychiatric hospital and make sure that the new hospital has all of your records

In planning for your discharge from the hospital, your agency must:

  • Attend discharge planning conferences
  • Work with the hospital to make sure you will receive mental health services in the community after you are discharged
  • Locate an appropriate placement for you