Mental Health
6. Hospitals


Your Placement

ACS and your foster care agency must make sure that you have a placement before you leave the hospital. The agency must accept you back into care as soon as you are cleared for discharge. You may be able to return to the placement you were in before you were hospitalized, and you may be offered additional services to help keep you out of the hospital in the future. However, if you were hospitalized for a long time, or if the hospital recommends a different level of care, your agency or ACS may have to find you a new placement. In this case, your agency must hold a conference at the hospital to figure out the best place for you to go.

Your Discharge Plan

Before you are released from the hospital, hospital staff should work with you and your foster care agency to develop a written discharge plan. The goal of the discharge plan is to provide you with the treatment and services you need so you do not have to return to the hospital. Hospital staff must actively involve you and your caregiver in developing the plan.

Your written discharge plan must include:

  • A statement of your need for supervision, medication, and services
  • A specific recommendation of the type of placement you should live in and a list of available services in that type of placement
  • A list of service providers that are available to you

Your discharge plan will also include information about outpatient treatment and other mental health services in your community. You should receive a medication plan and prescriptions so that you have enough medication to last until your first outpatient appointment. It is important to follow your discharge plan closely. Take your medication as prescribed and attend all appointments with doctors and therapists. Your discharge plan is designed to keep you out of the hospital and help you live successfully in the community.