Lunch Money Campaign

Lunch Money Campaign

At Lawyers For Children, we're known for our legal advocacy, but our clients say what makes us so special to them is how we make them feel. No child leaves our office in the winter without proper cold-weather clothing, and no child leaves our office hungry any day of the year.

In a typical month, we give out almost 600 meal coupons to our clients, which costs LFC approximately $3,750/month and $45,000/year.

We need your help to ensure that we can continue to be a place where the children who rely on us know that their needs will always be met. You can:

Donate to Lawyers For Children

Buy lunch for one child every day:

For a week: $35

For a month: $140

For six months: $840

For a year: $1,680


Buy lunches for all LFC clients in need every day:

For a month: $3,750

For six months: $22,500

For a year: $45,000