Addressing Fear and Uncertainty: LFC Statement on Protecting Children's Rights

Addressing Fear and Uncertainty: LFC Statement on Protecting Children's Rights

Lawyers For Children was founded to protect the rights of some of our society’s most vulnerable children.  Every day, we use the power of the law to vigorously advocate for our young clients in and outside of foster care, who face incredible obstacles in their daily lives.

We refuse to stand by when ANYONE threatens our young clients’ rights. We will not hesitate to use the law on behalf of our clients to shield them from harmful actions by any individual or government actors.  We will, as always, file legal papers, sign amicus briefs, draft or oppose legislation or write to government officials whenever it will protect or advance the rights of our clients.

Lawyers For Children condemns any and all statements and actions that denigrate people of color. Such statements and actions are abhorrent by their very nature and threaten the well-being and safety of the vast majority of LFC’s clients.

Lawyers For Children opposes travel restrictions on immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries, as well as restrictions on access to public benefits by immigrants and/or the children of immigrants.

Lawyers For Children denounces restrictions on LGBTQ rights. Such restrictions or roll-backs will necessarily have a disastrous impact on a particularly vulnerable population - LGBTQ youth in foster care. 

As always, we will be relentless in our efforts to protect our clients’ constitutional rights.

If you are currently in foster care in New York City and you need our help, call us at 800-244-2540 or 212-966-6420.